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Recommended Products

In this section, Kehua food machinery factory brings you 2020 recommendable bakery production line and bakery production line equipment, check details on the below and get info about Kehua auto food machine. If you're looking for custom auto food machine, welcome to shoot Kehua an email for inquiry.

Best quality kehua food production line conveyor factory
Best quality kehua food production line conveyor factory
Kehua Best Quality Kehua food production line conveyor Factory,We have owned more than 50 patents and eight of our products are rated as high and new technology products.QSS-Cutting conveyorThe whole machine is made from SUS304 stainless steel. The conveyor belts are the food grade. This machine is driven by chain with tensioning device, and all tighteners are driven by bearings. The belt wheels are from PE or MPPO. There are holding tapes under the belt to avoid breaking the wafer

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